Damon Tuscany Class A Motor Home Review

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Since it sleeps 5 or 6, the Damon Tuscany turned into engineered with first-class comfort in thoughts and all of us will have lots of room to stretch out. You will want it because the 40″ HD TV is enthralling whilst coupled with full 5.1 home theater surround sound. No be counted what you need to observe or listen to, the contact screen multi-media middle can play all of it. Having this a great deal space approach that there’ll never be crowded elbows, and the plush stain resistant carpeting certainly gives the at home feel. All this is even made extra high-priced with strong wooden cabinets, solid surface countertops in both the kitchen and lavatory. You can make maximum use of all counter space because it consists of stable surface travel trailer storage cover for each. You will not often see a refrigerator with an icemaker this big in an RV but the 42RQ and 42FK fashions will outdo even this via adding the stainless steel full residential sized refrigerator. The larger the home, the more space to clean, so a vital vacuum gadget is protected as a widespread characteristic so that you won’t have to worry approximately that. With these types of home equipment it becomes crucial to have an 8kw quiet diesel generator tucked out of the manner to deal with all of your power desires. Electrical service line is a full 50amp provider outlet, with a 2kw inverter/100amp converter for whilst you’re at the cross on this top of the line luxury RV.

Your shower stall is full height, similar to being at home and has a 10 gallon gasoline/electric water heater so you can truely loosen up and revel in the new water. The ninety five gallon freshwater tank is hooked to a whole house water filtration device so that no matter where you get supplies, you will best be using the cleanest water to be had. The cockpit of the Damon Tuscany will certainly assist you to pressure in fashion. While the king of the road sits in a secure 6 way powered extremely leather-based chair, the queen can sit in her extremely-leather chair this is almost the same, besides it has an electric powered footrest. You will usually be able to see where you are going the usage of the overall-powered, heated chrome mirrors, along with the three coloration camera back up system. Hit the cruise control and set the temperature on the digital A/C controls to honestly journey in fashion. The 215 cubic feet of outside storage will permit both you and your passengers deliver alongside the whole thing they want for the lengthy haul. And you will be staying for a while with the 51-gallon grey water and blackwater tanks along side the ninety five-gallon freshwater. When you really want to have sufficient time to relax and experience your holiday, the Damon Tuscany will will let you live longer, and certainly sense laid again.

Test Driving a Motorhome

Make an appointment with your chosen provider earlier. Few sellers might be capable of make a selected check car to be had at brief observe. It is first-class to allow lots of time to cover every element, so ask the sales man or woman approximately making plans a path and make every other unique requests, such as loading and further passengers. If you are take a look at using a demonstrator model, test whether or not it has the identical engine and specification because the version you want to shop for.

Used Motorhome

If it’s an older motorhome you want to strive, ask if you could start it your self. If the engine is heat whilst you arrive, it may had been pre-warmed to hide any starting difficulties. If the snatch bites at the pinnacle of the pedal’s travel, it’s possibly worn, so ask approximately a replacement. If the guidance pulls to one side, the monitoring desires to be adjusted. If there is a variety of play inside the steerage wheel, the steering tools may be worn and that is reasonably severe.

Test Drive

Test drive using the most number of passengers you are probable to be carrying on a everyday experience. Check if their feet can touch the ground. Is there sufficient room for a kid booster seat? Will the heater or air-conditioning be as much as the activity in intense situations? If viable, simulate a complete load – if it is a storage version, ask the sales man or woman if you can load your bikes or scooter to see how the motorhome copes with the burden distribution. If you want to pressure with a full water tank, ask to fill it. Ideally, visit a weighbridge to check the motorhome’s weight, both unladen or, better nevertheless, with your package in it. (Remember, many weighbridges want to be booked earlier.) Plan your path to sample all feasible using situations and make it lengthy enough so you can get a true sense for the consolation stages of the travel seats. Include a steep hill, a phase of dual carriageway or highway and some city using. Try a hill start, to peer how the clutch feels. Consider long-journey factors: for example, will the stereo provide enough volume for all passengers to effortlessly listen to audio books or track on long journeys?

Overnight Parking

Does the motorhome suit to your driveway? If the supplier is local and your pressure is tough to get into, it’s really worth checking to see how effortlessly you could park. Consider whether it will likely be greater tough to barter at night time and determine the security of wherein you must park. Check how smooth it’d be to drain the waste outlet on a campsite with no committed carrier point. Can you in shape an extension to drain the waste water into an ordinary drain?


Try parking the motorhome as you’ll on tour – in case you pick smaller motorhomes and like to park on the town centres, see how this works. If it is an older motorhome, willevery body else probably to drive the motorhome be able to cope with out power guidance? If you sometimes power alone, attempt parking on your very own. If the motorhome is an A-magnificence (which may also have only one cab door), or an import with an offside habitation door, where will every passenger get out?


Do any unfashionable-equipped accessories, inclusive of reversing sensors, paintings as they should? Consider which add-ons you want to healthy and how these would possibly affect visibility. An obvious one is a rear cycle service, which lengthens the vehicle and restricts your rearward view.


Cover all the angles. Simulate any tough visibility conditions you could face, specially if driving abroad, consisting of riding at the proper-hand side of the street and turning left down a hill, with bad visibility of oncoming site visitors. Can your passenger see sufficient to inform you whilst it is safe to tug out and will rear passengers obscure the view?

Noise Test

Complete a noise check. Drive the motorhome over an choppy avenue surface to see whether or not its squeaks and rattles or sets your tooth on part. But, before you set out, make certain you have finished the whole thing practical to stop noise, including getting rid of grill pans and baking trays from the cooker. Check the cabinet locks earlier than you drive away, and that the whole lot else is cozy.

Maintenance and Repair

Identify the nice carrier agent for the bottom vehicle in phrases of nice of service, size of workshop (availability of quick-term servicing) and value. Ideally, this can be the imparting dealer or considered one of their sub-contractors. Consider spare elements expenses and servicing fee over the car’s existence span.


These are only a few steps to get you in the proper frame of mind while viewing a motorhome for the primary time. Motorhomes are big and so you have to spend a lot extra time examining one than you would for buying a automobile. If some thing doesn’t feel proper, ask the owner or provider and make sure you’re glad with the reply earlier than moving on. If there are any doubts it is far better to stroll away giving your self time to rethink, rather than buying the motorhome and having the relaxation of your life to rethink.

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